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Fresh kimchi sauce

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Name Fresh kimchi sauce
H.S.CODE 2013-90-9090
Measure of capacity 12 months
Weight unite weight: 250g
Packing 72ea/box
Storage method 0~10℃
Refrigerated storage
Origin Korea
Factory Ansan, Korea


Fresh Kimchi seasonings for lettuce or other vegetables served as a salad.

Kimchi and ingredients
Raw material and content title background image

Raw material and content


Salted shrimps


Crushed garlic


Oligogyure fish extract


Starch syrup


Refined sugar


Red pepper powder


Sodium chloride


Sodium L-glutaminate


Brewed soy sauce


Apple vinegar

  MATERIAL CHARACTERISTICS :: Made of high quality fresh ingredients.  

  • Garlics
    We use garlics raised in Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do and Jeju ideal for garlic cultivation thanks to the oceanic climate and soil quality. Good garlics have rich allicin and anti-bacterial power making better flavor of Kimchi.
  • Peppers
    Red peppers grown in clean areas, like Andong-si, Gyeongbuk, Youngyang, Bonghwa. When peppers are red, Korean pepper powders are made after harvest, washing, drying, which enriches Kimchi tastes with higher sugar and nutritious value. (Completely dried peppers debase taste and nutrition of chill powder with lower sugar contents as pepper peels are used to grow seeds.)
Production process title background image

Cleansing process

Manufacturing process 1-5 images Remove sticky
roller debris
Removal of vacuum
pass through
air shower
Hand washing
Soap cleaning
Manufacturing process 6-8 images Outside & Root removal Cabbage half Cabbage transport
Manufacturing process 9-12 images Vibrating Fisrt wash Salt chamber Pickling
Manufacturing process 13-16 images cabbage
washing machine
second washing dehydration sorting
Manufacturing process 17-20 images washing
other ingredients
cutting ingredients mixing seasonings putting condiments
Manufacturing process 21-24 images metal detector metal detection X-ray foreign
substance detector
and shipment

  Tight hygiene and temperature control SYSTEM  

  • More Corporation obtained HACCP certification. HACCP is a food safety management system for preventing hazard substances and we manage hygiene and temperature tightly in every process from 입고 ingredients to 출고 in order to supply more hygiene and safe food to our customers.

  • Korean traditional maturation method of Kimchi – 'kimchi jar'
    From old times, in Korea, we have enjoyed Kimchi stored in a jar and buried underground during cold winter months. The underground temperature in winter is kept –1℃ and provides a perfect environment for lactobacillus called Leuconostoc making Kimchi cooler and more tasty.

  • Freezing temperature maturation of More Corporation
    Using the kimchi jar principle, we developed the ‘freezing temperature maturation’ process in the warehouse with the temperature of –2℃. This method restrains harmful bacterial operation of Kimchi and leads tasty fermentation which results in various tastes according to the maturation degree.

  • kimjang-dog
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Korean cuisine featuring prepared from More Kimchi products


More Kimchi product 1_Kimchi


More Kimchi product 2_Han bibimbap

Han bibimbap

More Kimchi product 3_Kakdugi kimchi

Kakdugi kimchi

More Kimchi product 4_Kimchi for Han bibimbap

Kimchi for bibimbap


  • Payment Terms : At sight L/C or T/T

  • Delivery Time : Negotiable according to order quantity

  • Min. Order Quantity : 1000 packs = 10 boxes

  • OEM production : We always welcome OEM production with your brand

  • Certificates : ISO9001, ISO14001, Food and Drug Adminstration(FDA)